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Special Application

Piston Rod Seals & Reconditioning

BORSIG ValveTech piston rod seals have the task of sealing the cylinder chamber at the piston rod passage to the atmosphere (crank end). The design and specification of the dimensions is carried out in relation to the parameters of the compressor, e.g. suction and discharge pressure, medium, etc. Decades of experience and the use of state-of-the-art high-performance sealing elements guarantee good service life and low pressure losses. Should reconditioning of a worn-out  piston rod seal be required, the wear signs on the sealing elements and internal parts are to be inspected at manufacturer’s plant, followed by remedial actions enabling the repeated service of the restored piston rod seal.  

Piston rod seal, packing
Piston Rod Seal
BORSIG ValveTech GmbH offer their customers reconditioning and modification of piston rod seals.Piston rod seals by BCP have the task of sealing the cylinder chamber at the piston rod passage to the atmosphere.
Piston Rod Seal


BORSIG ValveTech GmbH - Verdichterventile, Compressor Parts

BORSIG VT Plattenventile sind universell für alle Gase und Anwendungen geeignet. Die Ventilplatten werden, abhängig von den Einsatzbedingungen, aus verschiedenen Materialien wie PEEK, PA, GFK oder Stahl
hergestellt. Der Vorteil nichtmetallischer Ventilplatten ist die wesentlich bessere Haltbarkeit gegenüber Flüssigkeitsschlägen durch zum Beispiel Kondensate. ....

BORSIG VT plate valves are universal for all gases and applications. Depending on the operating conditions the valve plates are made from different materials such as PEEK, PA, GFK and steel. The advantage of non-metallic valve plates is a significantly higher durability in the case of liquid hammers e.g. caused by condensates.